What We Do

Medical Outreach

In many rural areas, The few government hospitals that might provide care to charity patients are not able to address the dire medical need of the marginalized.

Through its sponsors and partner hospitals, VHF provides significant charity care for many marginalized patients. VHF draws on a number of local and foreign doctors that passionately assist the foundation with their skills and expertise.

Global Health

Our Global Health programs aims to work with local clinics and hospitals to save lives in developing countries. We work with strategic partners to deliver proven tools—including vaccines, and financial assistance to drug prescriptions.Vision Help Foundation Global Health programs support the development of integrated health solutions for family planning,child nutrition, and maternal and child health.

Public Health Awareness

VHF seeks to conduct yearly campaigns on diverse important Public Health subject to better promoting public health awareness. The following are some examples that VHF is currently promoting.

Cancer Awareness Campaigns Our campaigns provide crucial information on Ovarian Cancer, Breast Cancer,and Prostate Cancer Diabetes Awareness Campaigns Our campaigns provide crucial information on pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes prevention, HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaigns Our campaigns provide crucial information on HIV Prevention, HIV Treatment, HIV Impact

VHF Campaign messaging reaches key audiences through their preferred communication channels, Regional Conventions including social media and other digital platforms, print, radio, and broadcast TV.

Education And Leadership Development

Our belief, is that the world can be transformed via education and leadership.

Our initiative is to providing higher education and professional development scholarships to young leaders in rural and marginalized under-served communities preparing them as future to serve their local community as agents of change.

VHF has Designed this Education program to promote Economic Development and Leadership in under-served rural communities

Education For All

VHF seeks to help the Children in poor communities to enhance their educational situation.

VHF has initiated a partnership with the local schools ( Primary and Secondary). Through this partnership,VHF seeks to provide particularly education to children.

Beneficiaries of this program include, Orphans , those in the street who never attended school before, and these with parents struggling to pay tuition.

The program covers the tuition cost for certain children, school supplies for others, and in certain cases both tuition and school supplies depending the economic needs on a case by case factor.

Vision Help Foundation Impacts


Patients Helped with Prescription Assistance


Students Received School Supplies


Individuals benefited from COVID-19 Preparedness Programs


Malnourished children assisted

How We Help

Provide School Basic Supplies to kids in poor communities

Provide Food to students

Provide Scholarships to children who cannot afford School Tuition

Conduct free medical care