About Us

Vision Help Foundation works to improve the world by empowering better education and public health awareness.

During the CoronaVirus pandemic we are working extensively in Haiti to give people and communities the information and supplies they need to avoid infection.

Our Core mission at Vision Help Foundation is Impacting the world through education empowerment and public health awareness. Whether pursuing programs near our headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri or in overseas nations, we serve to educate, save lives, and improve quality of life. Our administrators and many volunteers work in close partnership with local medical systems and organizations to strengthen health services.

We also work with education institutions to provide school tuition and supplies to those in need. This has included helping orphaned children receive the assistance they require, often to attend school for the first time.

Our Global Health Division works to reduce disparities through public health awareness. We often focus on HIV/AIDS Prevention, Cancer Awareness, and Child Malnutrition.

We welcome all those interested in our programs and goals. Please let us know if you want to volunteer or make a tax deductible contribution to further these worthy efforts.


To fulfill this mission, at Vision Help Foundation, we do all of our work in collaboration with local organizations (Schools and Medical centers) and Nonprofit Organizations ,who join with us in pushing for new solutions to economic opportunity, public health, and education access.