Vision Help Foundation founders Velly Duverny and Keller Polynice were inspired to assist disadvantaged communities when Velly’s father was critically ill. A native of Haiti, his father received treatment in the best private hospital in the region. But the facility was far short of the medical standards found in most developed countries.

“Up to 20 patients shared the same room. There was no running water and only minimal electricity. Rooms were filled with mosquitoes,” Velly said.

There were no trained technicians or tools to diagnose his father’s condition. Velly’s dad passed away a short time later.

In that moment, Velly decided to return to the US, start Vision Help Foundation, and bring better health, medical, education, and nutrition conditions to impoverished areas in the US, Haiti, and around the world.

“Many of these communities just need a helping hand so they can enjoy the same advantages and hope we have here in the US,” Velly said.

Vision Help Foundation has become a successful reality with the remarkable talents, wisdom, and generous resources provided by its founders and early supporters including Louines Jourdin. They have been instrumental in making this dream come true.